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Delaware Public Archives

Digital Archives

  • Mabel Lloyd Ridgley Research Room 360° Panoramic View
  • Civil War - Explore the history of Delawareans during the American Civil War through photographs, diaries, letters, service records, legislation, newspapers, and more.
  • eBooks and PDF Documents - Titles from our Heritage collection three popular eBook formats; ePub, MOBI, and PDF.
  • 100 Stories - Explore the history of the First State through photographs, maps, construction drawings, currency notes, original legislation, and more. Celebrate the first hundred years of service by the Delaware Public Archives, 1905-2005!
  • Photographs - Visit Delaware 's cities and towns, discover historic churches and schoolhouses, and marvel at ships and railroad cars built in Wilmington. Browse through our online collection that showcases some of the finest imagery depicting the history of the Diamond State.
  • Documents - View some of Delaware 's most prized documents, including Seventeenth Century papers, Civil War records, and petitions for Naturalization.
  • Audio Selections - Listen to historic audio clips of interviews and radio broadcasts concerning service in WWII, desegregation, recycling, and baseball.
  • Maps - Historical maps of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region, ranging from 1688 to the 20 th Century.
  • Photo Order Instruction - Order photographs from our collection.

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