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The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection

Early 20th century photographs of Port Mahon and local families. The Lynch family is the primary focus of this collection and consists of Irvin Lynch Sr., his wife Janie Bartlett Lynch, and their children: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lynch Little, Dorothy Lynch Morris, Ethel Lynch Holzer, Sammy (Sammie) Lynch, Irvin Lynch Jr., and Gertrude Lynch. Dorothy married Carol Morris Sr. and together they shared Carl Morris Jr. and John Morris.

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This collection is largely composed of photographs of the Morris and Lynch families outside of the Port Mahon Lighthouse. Theodore Burton once served as the lighthouse keeper for Port Mahon and can be seen on the lighthouse porch with his family in one of the photos. Bert Eelback and Penny Czerwinski are also photographed in this collection. The collection also includes portraits taken in unknown Delaware locations, photos taken outside the Reedy Island Lighthouse, and a photo of George Butler’s shaving mug.