Woodland Management Service Records

The Delaware Forest Service is dedicated to conserving and enhancing the state’s forest resources through conservation, protection, and education. The service’s mission is to “conserve, protect, and enhance the forest and its resources for the public through education, management, demonstration, and providing technical services in a timely and efficient manner.” With a focus on environmental stewardship, the Delaware Forest Service offers essential technical assistance and educational programs to promote responsible forest management. Through proactive efforts and collaborative partnerships, the service remains committed to preserving the integrity and sustainability of Delaware’s forests for future generations.

This series is comprised of a single report, the Forestry Planting Report. The overall report consists of several single-page reports on the condition of trees planted by the State Forest Service along highways and on state and private property. The reports list the names of landowners, addresses, trees planted, acreage planted, the growth and condition of the trees, planting site soils, and planting stock sources. Some pages have additional hand-drawn surveys and notes on the reverse.

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