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Jonathan L. French was born on September 30th, 1844, to James M. French and Betsey C. French nee Tucker. French enrolled in Company E of the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers on September 30th, 1861, for a period of three years. French was discharged for the first time in Annapolis, Maryland, on June 26th, 1861, due to loss of voice due to measles. Per his discharge paperwork, French had grey eyes, light hair, and was 5’ 3” tall. The certificate also includes that French was 19 at the time of discharge. His occupation at the time of enrollment was a farmer. French enrolled for a second time on August 11th, 1862, for a period of three years in Company G, 5th Battlement of New Hampshire. French was discharged near Alexandria, Virginia, on May 30th, 1865, due to General Order Number 26 Headquarters AP May 17th, 1865.

The second discharge paperwork says that French had a light complexion, hazel eyes, light hair, and was 5’ 5”. The document also includes that French was 18 at the time of discharge. After the war, French married Amelia Ann Chapman on April 15th, 1869. They had at least five children together. By March 10th, 1884, French was in Delaware when he was mustered into Post 23 of the Grand Army of the Republic in Wilmington, Delaware. By 1896, French had served as Post Commander for Post 23. One of his children, Lulu Amy Turner (French), had a daughter, Edith A. Turner, who received a membership certificate from the American Flag House and Betty Ross Memorial Association. French died on April 29th, 1914, at the age of 69.

This collection includes five documents relating to Civil War veteran Jonathan L. French’s service to his country and his and his descendants’ involvement in patriotic organizations.

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