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George Mifflin Fisher I was born to William T. Fisher and Rebecca (Smith) Fisher in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 23, 1845. As an adult, Fisher was a businessman and partnered with Jakes and Company before being elected State Treasurer in 1920. Fisher served in this position until his death on November 8, 1922. Fisher was married to Margaret (Lindale) Fisher (1862-1931), and together they shared two children, William Lindale Fisher (1874 -1957) and George Mifflin Fisher II (1885 – 1963). George Mifflin Fisher II would become the father of George Mifflin Fisher III (1915-1993), who would then become the father of George Mifflin Fisher IV (1943-2021), the donor of this collection.

This series comprises mostly unidentified portraits, with three loose images and the remaining pictures in an album with an authenticity note. Mabel Parsons, Waynard Parsons, and Pearl Clark Garrison are among the identified individuals. The images are various mounted prints, including carte-de-visites and cabinet cards. Delaware photographers and studios took several photographs, such as R.C. Holmes of Dover, the New York Gallery of Dover, and Cummings of Wilmington.

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