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De La Warr High School, or the high school on the hill, as many students called it, was located on Chase Avenue alongside I-295 in New Castle, Delaware. Opening day was in 1960, with a student population that was 35-40% Black. De La Warr included four grades, 9-12. Most students walked to school, as there was no busing.

This is a collection of band and choir photographs assumed to be taken for the De La Warr High School yearbooks from 1960 – 1978. They include the De La Warr High School Band, Colwyck – De La Warr Dance Band, Colwyck School Band, three photos of choirs that may or may not be a De La Warr choir, and one aerial photograph of the school and grounds. One photo is of an unknown Maryland band that looks to be older than 1960.

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