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Tales & Legends of Hauntings in the First State

Many are familiar with the general history and interesting tales of Delaware, the First State.

But what about the tales of Delaware that are only heard around picnic tables, beach bonfires and on walks through the woods? Over the years reports and retellings of hauntings in Delaware have persisted that could make one wonder about the unexplained and just why these stories have been repeated time and again.

While the Delaware Public Archives does not authenticate or endorse any of these tales, we are happy to present them to you (along with a photograph from our vaults) for your review and consideration….and to make YOU wonder…

Fort Delaware

Exhibit Details

This exhibit features photos and stories about structures such as Fort Delaware, Rockford Mansion, and the Addy-Sea Inn, as well as locations like Lums State Park, Cooch’s Bridge, and Scott’s Run Bridge. These photos are from various collections and thus can be viewed easily on Flickr.