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Peter Caverly was born in Kent County, Delaware, in 1780. He lived in Dover and then moved to Wilmington in the early 1800s. In addition to being an esquire, Caverly held several titles throughout his lifetime. He worked as a cashier at Farmer’s Bank, served on the Committee of Safety in Wilmington, and served as a representative in the 22nd Delaware General Assembly of the House of Representatives. Caverly died in Wilmington in 1827.

This is a collection of letters written to Peter Caverly between 1813 and 1814. The authors and conversation vary. Examples of conversation include a discussion on financial matters with John F. Watson and James Wallond; inquiry of a review and conversation on how Dover has changed in Caverly’s absence with John Fisher; conversation on the potential acquisition of farmland from John Partridge; notice of having seen Caverly’s lost dog; correspondence detailing a line of credit for Caverly’s nephew, Richard Arell; and updates from Arell aboard a prison ship and from his time as a soldier.

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