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Government Services

The Government Services section is responsible for the administration and implementation of the Delaware Public Records law by providing records management services to all state and local government agencies. This section provides guidance and training on the creation, destruction, maintenance, retention, use, and preservation of records created and received in the course of agency business based on state and federal statutes and professional records and information management practices and principles. The Government Services section also operates the State Records Center, which provides storage and retrieval services for temporary records.

Agency Assignments

An Information Resource Specialist (also known as a Records Analyst) is assigned to each state and local government
agency. This person is available to assist with the development or revisions of retention schedules and to provide
guidance on the proper care, maintenance, disposition, and preservation of records.


Education and Training

The Delaware Public Archives offers training to state and local government agencies on the management and retention of records. Please contact your assigned Records Analyst to arrange training.




Local Government Directory

This directory is hosted and maintained for the Delaware League of Local Governments as a public service by the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA) and contains the most current information available to it on Delaware’s municipalities and their respective government officials. (The Delaware Public Archives does not maintain the information on the Local Government Directory website.)



Information that assist agencies with the procedures to manage the disposition of records with the Archives and State Records Center.


Records Management Forms

This section includes various records management forms and User’s Guides used by state and local government agencies to interact with the DPA.


Records Management Policies and Procedures

Polices and administrative procedures that provide guidance on managing records in accordance with Federal and State laws, regulations and industry standards


Retention Schedule

A Retention Schedule is a listing of record series that describes an agency’s record and specifies the minimum retention duration and disposition instructions.


Tips and Tools

The intent of this section is to provide further explanation of the tasks and best practices agency personnel use in records management. The following items (or ‘guides’) contain tips and tools created by Delaware Public Archives and other professional records management associations. These are to be used by agencies so that they may be more successful in managing their records.

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