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Richard H. Bailey is an award-winning sculptor native to Delaware. Bailey has been carving various types of stone for over 50 years. The sculptures are carved by hand primarily from marble, granite, and precious stone.

The Professional Papers series includes correspondence to Richard H. Bailey from the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, the Delaware Nature Society, and Governor Michael N. Castle. Also included is an informational profile on Bailey and an undated interview on Bailey by the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times. This series also includes a VHS titled “Bailey’s Marble Works” and a signed copy of Bailey’s book, “A Sculptor’s Miracles.”

Exhibit Fliers and Advertisements is a collection of exhibit invitations, advertisements, and programs for art shows featuring Richard H. Bailey’s works. Galleries and venues include the Delaware Art Museum, Rehoboth Art League, Village Gallery, Delaware State Arts Council, Community Gallery of Lancaster County, Silvermine Guild of Artists, St. Peter’s Art Gallery, Peel Gallery, DCCA Gallery, Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, Barley Mill Plaza, Smyrna Art Gallery, and the Smyrna Opera House.

photo of Richard Bailey in studio