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John Gruwell was born on February 1, 1797, in Sandtown, Delaware. Marrying Letitia Cooper on July 14, 1831, the couple had four children: Lizzie Gruwell (1833-1883), John Cooper Gruwell (1840-1912), Letitia Gruwell (1842-1914) and Isaac O. Gruwell (1850-1880). John Gruwell was a Cow Marsh Baptist Church Deacon in Sandtown, Delaware. He left no will for his family to follow upon his death on August 25, 1870., creating a visit to arbitration and the Orphans Court of Kent County. Ultimately divided amongst his children, they were charged to sell or maintain the lands.

This collection comprises historical records of the Gruwell family, originating from their Lowber lineage dating back to the early 1600s. Key documents include a detailed account of a cherished family clock, tracing its passage through generations from Michael Lowber’s immigration to Kent County, Delaware, down to its sale at Letitia Lowber Cooper’s estate. The collection also features legal documents such as payment agreements, a letter of administration, an Orphan’s Court letter, and an arbitration reward pertaining to the settlement of John Gruwell’s estate. Notably, it includes records showcasing Peter C. Gruwell’s roles, notably as the State Librarian for Delaware in 1891 and 1893, alongside documents regarding a promise of payment to his wife, Mary Justina Gruwell. Peter’s last will and testament detailing his bequests, including lands and debts, is also part of the collection.

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