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William Tharp was the 36th Governor of Delaware from 1847 to 1851, having served as a state senator from 1839 to 1943 before being elected Governor. He was born in Farmington, Delaware, to James and Eunice Fleming Tharp. He married his wife, Mary A. Johnson, around 1829, and together they had five daughters. Tharp inherited his first home through his wife, later accumulating farmland that he would manage until his death. Tharp’s daughter Ruth gave birth to William Tharp Watson, the 49th Governor of Delaware.

The series predominantly consists of letters, approximately half of which are addressed to William Tharp during his lifetime. Correspondents include William Huffington, William Silver, Jr., Martin W. Bates, Crapper Hobbs, James M. Jones, J. Tharp, G. A. Collins, and R. Tharp. These letters largely revolved around the authors seeking Tharp’s assistance or updating him on significant events in their lives. Another set of letters centers on a specific topic involving Tharp, Alonzo H. Reynolds, and John Carson – the legal case against R. France and the Broadbent Company. Additionally, the series encompasses a receipt related to guano, featuring Samuel Christian, and a list of mortgages.

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