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State Highway Department Photograph Collection

Since the main responsibility of the Department of Transportation is to design, construct, and maintain roads and bridges, most of the photos relate to these activities. These photographs were used by the department to document road and bridge construction, maintenance, conditions, and other department activities.

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Scope and Content

This series documents the improvement of Delaware’s highway system through views of early construction methods and equipment, the construction of the DuPont Highway, before and after views of locations, accidents, road signs, early road conditions, beautification efforts, snow removal, early bridges, and flood damage. More recent photos also include photos of DELDOT employees, special events including the dedication of the Delaware Turnpike by President John F. Kennedy, press conferences, alternate forms of transportation (buses, trains, bicycles), and construction of SR-1 (Relief Route).

Additional topics of notable interest include many photos of the 1962 storm damage, construction of Fort Christina Park, the Woodland Ferry, and a 1921 New Castle County bridge survey.