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The Philemon C. Carter Collection

This collection details Philemon C. Carter’s responsibilities and appointment to Captain of the Delaware Union Guard, Company H, of the 6th Regiment of Delaware Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. This collection includes Captain Carter’s official appointment to captain, the 1862 muster-out roll for Company H, military correspondence, broadsides and circulars for collecting military claims, a discharge certificate for George Jarvis, a special requisition for blankets, a statement of discharge and compensation for Captain Carter, and the constitution and bylaws agreed upon by the Kent County residents that made up the “Home Guards.”

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Biographical Note

Philemon C. Carter, Esquire, was a Kent County resident who served as Captain of the Delaware Union Guard during the Civil War. His unit, Company H, of the 6th Regiment of Delaware Infantry Volunteers, was organized for 9 months of special duty but would be called to active service in June of 1863. Carter was born on July 16, 1813, and died on February 23, 1881.