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The Ogle family, rooted in Delaware City, played an active role in local affairs over several generations. Benjamin N. Ogle, born around 1815 in Delaware to Howard Ogle and Charlotte, was a significant figure in the family’s narrative. He dedicated his life to carpentry and served as the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal superintendent for many years. In 1841, Benjamin married Clara Matthews, and together they raised their five children – Josephine, Anna, Lucy, Sarah, and William. Benjamin passed away on April 27, 1889. A grandson with the same name was born on June 20, 1918, in Trinidad, Colorado, to parents William M. Ogle and Margaret McDougal. His parents separated early in his life, with Benjamin moving to California with his mother while his father stayed in Colorado, serving as a physician for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. Benjamin was a foreman for Concrete Conduit for 25 years. He had a daughter named Gayle Mummery and one grandchild. Benjamin passed away on April 27, 1991, after a battle with cancer.

This series comprises legal agreements, correspondence, property surveys, and postcards documenting the lives and activities of the Ogle family, primarily centered in Delaware City, Delaware. Highlights include indentures detailing property transactions involving Benjamin N. Ogle, correspondence shedding light on family interactions and legal matters, and photographs offering visual glimpses into the family’s domestic life and surroundings. Legal documents such as judgment bonds and mortgage assignments further illuminate the family’s economic activities and legal challenges. Key individuals found in this collection include Benjamin N. Ogle, Clara Matthews, Howard Ogle, William M. Ogle, Margaret McDougal, Adam Prince, Thomas M. Ogle, Charles B. Lore, and Willard T. Smith.

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