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A Brief History Of The Jackson & Sharp Company, Car And Ship Builders, 1863-1950

A note on Jackson & Sharp sources at the Delaware Public Archives (DPA)

The bulk of the DPA’s holdings concerning the Jackson & Sharp Company lie in two records groups. RG 9015002.1, collection # 9—the Jackson and Sharp Photograph Collection—contains 3,715 glass and film negatives, as well as prints. Sixty-seven car drawings/blueprints, ca. 1881-1937 are found in RG 9015002.2, Railroad Car Construction Drawings; and 96 ship drawings, ca. 1885-1937 are found in RG 9015002.3, Ship Construction Drawings. Found in the Private Accounts Collection RG 9025.0 (vols. # 65.1, 65.2, and 65.3) are three cost books for orders in 1916, 1923 and 1929. Other primary and secondary sources dealing with Jackson & Sharp can be found in the DPA library, manuscripts, and records collections. The primary sources include Jackson & Sharp and ACF publications such as “A Few Types of Electric Cars” (Pamphlet Collection RG 9290.0; Industries—Historical; Jackson & Sharp) and The Armed Forces of A.C.F. (RG 1325.95, Box 6422), both cited below; and the New Castle County Recorder of Deeds records cited below, as well as others which can be found in the Deeds index; and pamphlets and books dealing with Wilmington industry such as Richard Edwards's Industries of Delaware, cited below. New Castle County Court of Chancery cases involving the firm are also on microfilm.

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