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1691 - Kent County Court of General Sessions court record

Kent County Court of Quarter Sessions docket, dated February 28, 1691, showing results of vote by 42 freemen of the county (names included) agreeing to the purchase of 50 acres of land from William Morton for the construction of a new court house and prison using money to be raised through a public levy and using nails from the old court house which was to be burned for that purpose.


Att a Court of Quarter Sessions Held for the County of Kent by Theire majesties Authority and in the Proprietarys Name ye 10th 11th 12th 13th and 14th  days of ye first month 1690, being in the Third yeare of ye Raigne of William and Mary, King and Queen of England &c.  and 11th of ye Proprietarys Government

(John Brinckloe)
(William Manloe)
(John Curtice)
(John Betts)
(George Martin)
(Simon Hirones)
(Daniell Jones)

Vera Copa. 

  The debate about setleing of the Court house is Reffered Artr Meston to bee decided by the Called the 28th of ye 2d mo next

  Clk. att the house of William Berry to which tim and place

    The court doth order ye Sheriff to make Proclamation

    they doe adjourne  

County of Kent ye 28th of ye Second Month 1691  

Whereas it was agreed upon and Ordered at ye Last Quarter Sessions ye first month Last that the Settleing of ye Court house should be deseded the day by Gener. II vote of ye freemen & Inhabitants of this County, and wee under written being mett this day according to ye Said Order of Court doe unanimosely agree and Conclude as foll:  That 50 Acres of Land shall be purchased of William Morton and a Court house built and the Court shall be kept for ye futr there and that ye purchase money thereof to be leveyed on ye publick and alsoe for ye building of a Court house and prison and the said Land and houses to be and Remaine for ye publick use of ye County Whereunto wee have Sett our hands the day and yeare above said and wee doe alsoe Concent that ye old Court house may be burnt to gett the nailes 

Was Signed by

Henry Bedwell
James Maxwell
John Burton
Evan Davids
Henry Stevenson
Joseph Hilliard
Robert Edmunds
Jon Richardson Sr.
Petter Groenendyk
Will. Wilson
Richard Whithart
Jon Barnes
Mathew Wilson
John Price
Francis Reynolds
Annanais Turner
David Straughen
John Clant
Daniel Jones, Jr.
Jesper Jesup
Thomas Stretton
Samuel Burbery
Stephon Simons
Exekiell Needham
Thomas Bedwell
John Brinckloe
Daniell Jones
William Freeland
Simon Hirones
John Betts
John Newall
Samll King
Will. Morton
Will. Berry
Richard Wilson
John Smith
Thomas Willson
Uriah Cannon
Henry Hoskins
Francis Huggins

This is a True Copy of the Originall

Examined by me   Artr. Meston    Clk:


 RG 3805.000 Kent County Court of General Sessions, Court Papers, 1691.