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1688 - Petition to permit an annual fair in New Castle and Lewis

Petition of representatives from New Castle dated March 10, 17, 1688 requesting the Governor and Provincial Council of Pennsylvania to allow New Castle and Lewes to hold yearly fairs at a convenient time in each town.



The Humble Request

By the freemen of the Province of Pennsilvania

and Territorys in Assembly mett at Philadelphia the

10th day of the 3d month May and continued to the

17th of the said month 1688


The freemen in Assembly mett at the Request

of the Repesentatives of the County of New Castle, doe

Joyne with them in a Petition to the Governour and

Provinciall Council, that they would be pleased to

grant to the town of New Castle and the town

of Lewis, one fair to be yearly held in each

respective place at such time as shall be Judged

most Convenient

Signed by order

per John White Speaker


 RG 0000.003 Proprietary Papers, 1688.