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1684 - Survey for Peter Alrich's lands

SurveySurvey made by William Welch of New Castle, dated June 6, 1684, of 1473 acres called Ommelanden, owned by Peter Aldricks (Alrichs) and located on the Delaware River bordered by Great Creek, Governor Markham's land, the King's Road, Mr. Williams's land, and Toms River in New Castle County.


To William Welch Surveyor of the Town & County of New Castle

This may certifie that in obedience to thy Wart. bearing date the 16th of the 11th mon 1683/4 there is a certain Tract of Land Surveyed for Peter Aldricks called Ommelanden scittuate lying and being on ye west side of Dellaware River Beginning at a corner marked Red Oak standing on a Point by the River side and by a Marsh side which joins uppon a Creek commonly called Great Creek from thence up by the marsh side S W b W 1/2 Wly 18 perches W 50 perches N 8 perches N E 42 perches W N W 1/4 Wly 36 perches N 57 perches N W b W 30 perches W b S 22 perches N b E 22 perches N W b W 24 perches W b S. 26 perches W S W 26 perches N b E18 perches NW b W 34 perches S W b W 22 perches S W b S 20 perches S W b W 55 perches W S W 12 perches S W b S 14 perches W b N 26 per. N W 1/4 Wly 13 per N W b N 1/4 Wly 26 per W b N 10 per S W b W 1/2 Wly 10 per S W b S 34 per W 28 per S W b W 3/4 Wly 10 per: W 64 per S W 68 per to a corner marked Red Oak standing by the Kings Road then along the sd. Roade S S W. 30 pers S W b S 1/2 Wly 40 pers S b W 3/4 Wly 42 per S W b S Wly 34 per S W 50 per: S W b S 66 per: S S W 1/4 Wly 20 per: S W b S 74 per: to a corner marked Hickory Standing by the aforementioned Roade side and att the head of a valley from thence down by the vally side E 82 per to the head of Toms Run thence down by the sd Run S E b E 52 perches S E 1/4 Ely 23 perches E S E 1/4 Ely 30 per: S E 1/2 Ely 20 per E S E 10 pers N E 1/2 Ely 29 per. S E 1/4 per: S S W 1/2 Wly 14 per. S b E 44 per. E S E 1/2 Ely 64 per N 1/2 Wly 42 per: N N E 24 per. E S E 6 per. S E 22 per: E b N 32 per. S S E 1/2 Ely 10 per S S W 44 per E S E 3/4 Ely 41 per. To a corner marked Hickory Standing by the River side thence up by the River side N E b N 25 per: E S E 1/4 Ely 20 per: N E 134 per. N N E 44 per N E 54 per N E 1/2 Ely 52 per. N E b N 122 per N E b N 1/2 Ely 82 per N E 53 perches to the first mentioned Red oak containing & layed out for 1473 acres of Land Surveyed the 1st of the 6th Month 1684

Per Tho. Pierson


 RG 2555.017 New Castle County Recorder of Deeds, Survey Book, page 7.