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1682 - Kent County Will Book

Last will and testament of Joseph Jones who was planning to sail for England on the Grace and who wanted to put his affairs in order dated June 11, 1674 and recorded June 15, 1682 at St. Jones's County Court, specifying that his two slaves Sheery and Freegift Wansey would be freed at his death and that Sheery Wansey would receive his home plantation called Addition, consisting of 100 acres. Jones also appointed Sheery Wansey executor of his estate under the supervision of his associates William Berry, William Winsome, John Copeland, and William Courtar.


54 MARYLAND 22d fourth month called June 1674 Being in perfect health memory and being bound for England in the Ship Grace of London and by Reason of mortality thought fit meet, and Conveniant to write these few [lines] as followeth Signifying unto Christian People whom it may concern [This] to be my last will and Testament, Upon the first true and certain knowledge of the Death of me, my two Negross Sheery and Freegift Wansey are to be Recorded in the Provinshall Court, Free Negross them and their heirs forever and ever. FIRST I give this Two Hundred Acres of Land which I now live upon called the Adition unto my Negro Shery Wansey unto him, his heirs for ever and ever. SECONDLY I give unto my Negro all my Chattell and their increase forever unto him and his heirs. THIRDLY I give unto the aforesaid Sherry Wansey all my moveable goods and all my Bills Bonds and all Debts due unto me. FOURTHLY I make him the aforesaid Sherry Wansey my full and sole Executor. FIFTHLY I will that all the rest of my Land which is to say the Guney and Gotham which lyeth Adjoining to Henry Troops Plantation and the Thousand Acres called Outrange lying in Fowling Creek be sold with what care and Expedition that may be for Tobacco, and out of the same Tobacco all my just Debts be paid and the Remainder of Tobacco One thousand I will unto William Berry, & One Thousand Pound weight unto William Winsmore. And One Thousand weight of Tobacco unto John Copeland And one Thousand unto William Courtar which fore them I earnestly desire they would jointly see this my last will fulfilled. SIXTHLY I give unto my Brother Thomas Jone his Children Ten Thousand pounds of Tobacco and Cask to contain the same and to be Shipt for London and Consigned to Francis Jones. SEVENTHLY I will that William Courtre and Richard Blanckes during their natural lives have free liberty to live plant and keep their Stocks upon my now Dwelling Plantation called the Addition. EIGHTHLY I will that all these my just Debts be first paid out of the said Tobacco which shall be the produce of thee Three aforesaid Devidents of Land whensoever, and all Legacies paid out of the Remainder of that Tobacco, and in case there should not remain Tobacco enough when all my Debts are paid for to pay those Legacies then let my Brothrs Children want of their full Legacies, but in case there should be Tobacco enought of the produce of these Three Devidents of Land Goatham and Out Range when Sold and all my just Debts paid and the four Thousand pounds of Tobacco unto the four men which I chose to be the overseers of this my last Will and Testament that then my Brothers Children to have their full Legacies. I will that my Negro Sheery Wansey neither buy or sell for the Space of four years after my Death with any Person or persons whatsoever without the knowledge and Consent of the said namly William Berry, John Copeland William William Courtre or any three or two of them. Att the last Written with my own hand and Sealed with my own Seal in the year of our Lord One Thousand seventy and four. It was Signed and Sealed by

Signed Sealed in the presences Joseph Jone {Seal}

Peter Bawcomb & George G. Bailey

This aforesaid Will was proved in open Court this 15th June 1682

John Brinckloe Clk


 RG 3545.011 Kent County Register of Wills, Will Book A, page 1.