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1654 - Jon Nilson passport signed by Johann Rising

Passport dated July 6, 1654, signed by Johan Rising, the Director of New Sweden, and issued at Fort Christina in New Sweden to Jan Nilsson, an honest and skilled tailor, to enable him to return to Sweden. Nilsson had lived in New Sweden for 12 years.    


The most humble servant of Her Majesty of Sweden, our most gracious Queen, and appointed Director of the Government of New Sweden.

I, the undersigned, do by these presents make known that honest and wellskilled John Nilsson has been in the service of the Kronone and Lodre Company in New Sweden as a tailor during 12 years, and that nothing else has been found than that he has behaved well and dutifully in the service of the company, wherefore, as he now intends to move from here and return to the fatherland, I have considered proper not to deny him this testimony in order that he, when he meets higher or lower persons, they shall not dare to hinder him, but rather help and assist him to their best, which I hereby enjoing everyone according to positions, merit or worth to obey to their best powers.  Given at Fort Christina in New Sweden the 6th of July 1654.  

Johan Rising


5.      RG 0000.004 Jon Nielson Papers.