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The 17th Century - A Period Of Growth And Change

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1685 - Iwottama Sawum sells land to Norton Claypoole and Matthew Taylor

Land Sale December 1685 indenture of sale for 500 acres of land in Sussex County called Indian Game south of Indian River to Mathew Claypoole and 500 acres of land north of Indian River to Mathew Taylor, a New York merchant, from Iwottama Saccum "Indian Sackomaker of Assawawmott".


The Indian Sackomacker of Assawawmott, Iwottama Sawum signed, sealed and deliverd the Indenture of sale for one thousand Acors of Land to him theNorton Claypoole called the Indian Game scittuate on the south side of the Indian Rivor and allsoe he, the said Iwottama Sawum, Acknolleged the same in open Court and he, the s(ai)d Iwottama Sawum, signed, sealed and deliverd in open Court and Acknolledged the sale of five hundred Acors of Land to Mathew Taylor, Merchant of Newyorke, which land is scittuate on the North side of the Indian Rivor  

Luke Wattson


RG 4000.000 Sussex County Court Record Book, page 116.

Transcript from: Craig W. Horle, ed., Records of the Courts of Sussex County Delaware, 1677-1710, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991), p. 369