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The 17th Century - A Period Of Growth And Change

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1681 - Wolf Head Bounty

Wolf Head BOunty 1681 wolf's head bounty giving 50 lbs.of tobacco to any Christian who brought in a wolf's head, but only 1/2 lb. of powder was to be given to an Indian.


  It is this day ordered by the Court that if any Christan doe Kill a wollfe and bring the Head of it to one of the Kings Justices of the peace for this Co[unty?] he or she shall have for theire Incourigm(en)t fifty pounds of Tobacco, and an Indian shall have for [a?] woollfes soe Kild and the Head brought as afors(ai)d half a pound of powder; /entered by order of Court  


RG 4000.000 Sussex County Court Record Book, page 21.

Transcript from: Craig W. Horle, ed., Records of the Courts of Sussex County Delaware, 1677-1710, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991), p. 104.