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Bethel Methodist Church

KC-64: The roots of Methodism in this community can be traced to the late 18th century, when Methodist pioneers such as Francis Asbury traveled throughout this area spreading the message of their faith. Over time some church members became dissatisfied with the organization and government of the established Methodist Episcopal Church. As a result, the […]

Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church

NCC-132: This congregation was organized in 1812. For a number of years services were conducted by Methodist “circuit riders” in members’ homes and local schools. On March 7, 1834, Thomas and Hannah Aldred donated land at this location on which to build a church. Constructed of Brandywine granite, the building was completed later that year. […]

St. Joseph Church

NC-94: The cradle of African-American Catholicism in Delaware, St. Joseph Church was organized in 1889 by Father John A. DeRuyter of the Josephites. Services were first held in the basement of St. Mary’s Church on 6th and Pine Streets. Incorporated as St. Joseph’s Society for Colored Missions on March 4, 1890, the first church structure […]

Woodland United Methodist Church

SC-236: On December 10, 1832, land was deeded to several trustees by Isaac and Jacob Cannon with the understanding that “…a House of Worship, in or at the Village of Cannons Ferry… by the name of Canton Church” was to be built. The deed for the land was recorded on April 17, 1833. A small […]

McColley’s Chapel

SC-231: McColley’s Chapel was built and dedicated in 1858 as a Methodist Church. Congregation members had previously worshipped in a small house on the opposite side of the road. James Redden, a member of the board of trustees, sold the property to the church in 1857 for one dollar. The original church building was constructed […]

Ocean View Presbyterian Church

SC-213: The origin of this congregation can be traced to the late 17th century when this area was settled by people seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity. Many were English Dissenters or persons of Welsh, French, and Scottish descent who subscribed to the Protestant Reformed tradition of worship. For many years they were forced to […]

St. Peters Episcopal Church

SC-202: In 1680 the Justices of the County petitioned Governor Edmond Andros for the right to grant lands. Under this authority, a lot of ground at this location was reserved for “public use.” Many of the settlers who came to this area in the late 17th and early 18th centuries were members of the Church […]

Old Christ Church

SC-63: Established on Broad Creek in 1770 as a “Chapel of Ease” of Stepney Parish, Maryland on land purchased by a levy of 80,000 pounds of tobacco. Building completed by Robert Holston in 1772 at a cost of £510. Installed in 1938. Sponsor: Public Archives Commission, 1938 Marker Photo Gallery: Resources Related to Laurel: Find […]

Calvary Baptist Church

KC-87: On January 26, 1883, the Delaware Baptist Union was formally incorporated by the state legislature. The purpose of the organization was to spread the message of the denomination and promote “the erection and maintenance of houses of religious worship.” Soon thereafter a group of African-American residents of Dover who had accepted the Baptist faith […]

Site of Dover’s First Methodist Church

KC-70: In 1778, a Methodist Society was organized in Dover by Reverend Freeborn Garrettson. Desiring a permanent place of worship, members purchased a one-half acre lot at this location from Vincent Loockerman in 1782. Future Delaware Governor Richard Bassett contributed toward the construction of a forty foot square structure, which was named Wesley Chapel. Bishop […]