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On December 10, 1832, land was deeded to several trustees by Isaac and Jacob Cannon with the understanding that “…a House of Worship, in or at the Village of Cannons Ferry… by the name of Canton Church” was to be built. The deed for the land was recorded on April 17, 1833. A small Methodist Episcopal church was built in 1843 on the plot of land under the supervision of Mrs. Thomas Boling, sister to Isaac and Jacob Cannon, and her son, Jacob Nicholson. After the original structure caught fire and was destroyed during a thunderstorm, the present church was erected in 1883. This frame building measured 38 x 45 feet and cost $1,284. Reverend Joseph Dare, minister of the church, dedicated the new building on August 26, 1883 during the first church service. Though the church underwent various renovations during the 20th century, including the installation of the stained glass windows, its architectural integrity has been largely preserved with the original gas ceiling lamps (now electrified) and oil lamp brackets which are still in place on the window frames. Following a devastating electrical fire in 1981, the Sunday School classrooms and Fellowship Hall were rebuilt with generous donations by the congregation. Known as “The Friendly Church by the River” due to its location on the Nanticoke River, the Woodland United Methodist Church continues to serve the spiritual needs of the community.

Installed in 2014.


The Honorable Robert Venables, Delaware State Senate, 2014

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5123 Woodland Church Road, Seaford, DE 19973

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