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The roots of Methodism in this community can be traced to the late 18th century, when Methodist pioneers such as Francis Asbury traveled throughout this area spreading the message of their faith. Over time some church members became dissatisfied with the organization and government of the established Methodist Episcopal Church. As a result, the Methodist Protestant Church was founded in 1830. Soon thereafter a group of local Methodists affiliated with the new church began to meet at or near the homes of its members. In 1838 the congregation was formally organized as Bethel Methodist Protestant Church, being the first of this denomination in Kent County. A church was constructed at this location for the use of the congregation. It was rebuilt in 1871, extensively remodeled in 1904, and rededicated in 1905.

Installed in 2000.

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2612 Andrewville Road, Harrington, DE 19952

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