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Eden Hill

KC-117: Originally Installed in 2015. In 1680, a large tract of land called “Brothers Portion” was warranted to John and Richard Walker. In 1694, 200 acres of the parcel were purchased to create the town of Dover. When the town plot was completed in 1718, John Mifflin purchased 69 acres of undeveloped land from the […]

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Caesar Rodney School District

KC-116: Originally Installed in 2015. State Consolidated District No. 1 was authorized and created on July 1, 1915. Seven months later, on February 28, 1916, voters of the district approved the request of the State Board of Education by a vote of 52 to 1 to bond together schools in the towns of Camden and […]

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Big Stone Beach

KC-115: Originally Installed in 2015. The metal observation tower at Big Stone Beach was one of five constructed in Delaware between World wars I and II to reinforce nearby Fort Saulsbury. These towers formed an integral part of the fort’s fire control system. Built from metal and corrugated siding, each tower featured two or three […]

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Colonel John Haslet

KC-114: Originally Installed in 2013. A native of Ulster, Ireland, John Haslet was born circa 1728 and emigrated to America about 1757. After playing an active role in the Pennsylvania militia during the French and Indian War, Haslet eventually settled in the Milford area along this road on a tract of land consisting of more […]

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Union Cemetery

KC-113: Originally Installed in 2012. The name Union Cemetery is derived from the fact that this burial site was created to inter deceased members affiliated with the African-American houses of worship in this area. Originally owned by James and Hester Till, the land for the cemetery was purchased on April 8, 1904 for $250.00 by […]

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Byrd’s African Methodist Episcopal Church

KC-112: Originally Installed in 2015. In the early 1890s, Clayton was home to an increasing population of African-Americans, many of whom were railroad workers. Byrd’s African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church was built in 1894 to accommodate this growing community who previously had to walk several miles to Mount Friendship Church for services. The land was […]

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Roby Methodist Church

KC-108: Originally Installed in 2008. First settled in the 18th century, the town of Leipsic quickly became a trading center for local produce and seafood. The area experienced a period of sustained growth, during which the Leipsic Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1831. Increasing political tension over the Civil War led to a division […]

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Mt. Zion AME Church

KC-107: Originally Installed in 2008. The genesis of the African Methodist Episcopal Church can be traced to Delaware in 1777 when a young slave named Richard Allen experienced a spiritual awakening at a meeting conducted by an itinerant Methodist preacher. After becoming free, Allen engaged in a long struggle to secure greater freedom of worship […]

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Citizens Hose Company

KC-106: Originally Installed in 2007. The history of Citizens’ Hose Company No. 1, Inc. began on January 6, 1886, when thirty residents of Smyrna voted to “go into permanent organization” to serve the firefighting needs of the community. Their charter was approved by the Delaware Legislature on January 19, 1886. The Smyrna Opera House was […]

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Rescue House Of Prayer Temple of Deliverance

KC-104: Originally Installed in 2007. Organized on December 9, 1877, the Felton Methodist Protestant Church originally held services for several years in the Knights of Pythias Hall. In 1880, a parcel of land on High Street was deeded to the church trustees by Job Butterworth and his wife Elizabeth for the purpose of constructing a […]

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