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Small Manuscript Collections, De La Warr High School Collection, Photographs

De La Warr High School, or the high school on the hill, as many students called it, was located on Chase Avenue alongside I-295 in New Castle, Delaware. Opening day was in 1960, with a student population that was 35-40% Black. De La Warr included four grades, 9-12. Most students walked to school, as there […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Macklin Collection, Papers

This collection contains receipts received for various goods and services purchased by Curtis Macklin. Other people mentioned are Morgan Williams, Robert Waller, Noe Linch, David Hazzard, Liston A. Houston, Stephen Lofland, and John Whitly.
Not much is known of Macklin outside of this collection. Macklin had a wife and bought goods in Delaware from 1802 to 1858.

Small Manuscript Collections, William Tharp Papers, Correspondence

This series predominantly consists of letters, approximately half of which are addressed to William Tharp, the 36th Governor of Delaware, during his lifetime.

Small Manuscript Collections, Gruwell Collection, Family Papers

John Gruwell was born on February 1, 1797, in Sandtown, Delaware. Marrying Letitia Cooper on July 14, 1831, the couple had four children: Lizzie Gruwell (1833-1883), John Cooper Gruwell (1840-1912), Letitia Gruwell (1842-1914) and Isaac O. Gruwell (1850-1880). John Gruwell was a Cow Marsh Baptist Church Deacon in Sandtown, Delaware. He left no will for […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Jonathan L. French Collection, Papers

Jonathan L. French was born on September 30th, 1844, to James M. French and Betsey C. French nee Tucker. French enrolled in Company E of the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers on September 30th, 1861, for a period of three years. French was discharged for the first time in Annapolis, Maryland, on June 26th, 1861, due […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Cowgill Collection

The Trustees of the Colored School in Little Creek were a group of men that acted as guardians of the Colored School in Little Creek, taking charge of the school’s finances and governance. It was comprised of Edward W. Wilson, Daniel Cowgill, and Ezekiel Cowgill, who served on the board on and off during the […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Richard Sund Collection, Correspondence

A letter from Lance Corporal Leonard, serving in the Vietnam War, to 12-year-old Richard Sund. Sund had written Leonard for a grade school project at Christ Our King Catholic School. Also included is a photograph of Sund in his thirties.

Small Manuscript Collections, Harold W. Lang Papers, Sheet Music and Graphics

This is a sheet music collection that relates to Delaware by title, composer, publisher, distributor, and/or retailer. The music covers a range of genres and subjects – from High School Polka to Blue Hen’s Chickens, and a two-step march. Two sheets include advertisements, one for upcoming music and the other for Bromo Seltzer – a […]

Small Manuscript Collections, William B. Walton Collection

The Walton family came from Pennsylvania to Delaware in 1854, first to Pencader Hundred, then moving to the Carrcroft area near Wilmington. They were active in farming, commerce, policing, and emergency services. William B. Walton married Betty Ann Walker and had a son (William B. Walton Jr.), two grandsons, and a great-granddaughter. The Family Papers […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Duncan Collection