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Penn Farm

The 112-acre Penn Farm is the last surviving farm of the 1,068-acre New Castle Common. William Penn, Proprietor and Governor of Pennsylvania, made his warrant in writing under his hand and seal in October 1701, granting the New Castle Common “to lye in Common for the accommodation of the Inhabitants of the Town of New […]

Old St. Paul’s Church

NCC-147: In 1831, a Methodist Society was organized in this community. The congregation was incorporated as Cantwell’s Bridge Methodist Episcopal Church in 1832. A small meeting house known as “Brickbat Church” was subsequently constructed on land provided by Joseph C. Griffith. Desiring a larger place of worship, construction of the present building was initiated in […]

Old Union Methodist Church

NCC-117: A log church was built here in 1789 on land donated by Joseph Dickinson. The church was named “Dickinson’s Chapel” in his honor. Francis Asbury and many other pioneers of American Methodism conducted services here. Levi Scott, a native of this area and member of the church, became the first Delawarean to serve as […]

Deer Park Hotel

Since the mid-18th century an establishment for public hospitality has existed here. The first building, of wood construction, was known as St. Patrick’s Inn. Famous visitors included surveyors Mason and Dixon. The property was purchased by James S. Martin in 1847, and the core of the present structure was erected by him circa 1851. The […]

The Home of William Julius “Judy” Johnson

In 1975, William Julius “Judy” Johnson became the first Delawarean elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. During his career, 1921 through 1936, Johnson was considered the best third baseman in the Negro Leagues. In 1935, Johnson served as captain of the Pittsburgh Crawfords, a team that also featured Hall of Famers Satchel Paige, […]