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Bellefonte Methodist Church

“Bellefonte Methodist Church (M.E.) A Methodist Society was organized, in 1915, at Bellefonte. They were incorporated on Dec. 10, 1919. The present church was built in 1919 and it was dedicated on Jan. 4, 1920, at the morning service, by the Rev. Robert Watt.” (1) Photo Gallery: Resources Related to Bellefonte, DE: Text Source: 1. […]

Greenhill Presbyterian Church

“Greenhill Presbyterian Church is located to the south of the Kennett Pike just beyond the Wilmington city limits. It was organized in the fall of 1844 at the home of Alex. Stephens, by members of the Rockland Presbyterian Church. The first meetings were held in the Brandywine Lyceum which they rented. The church was formally […]

First Methodist Church (M.E.)

“The First Methodist Church (M.E.), at Delmar. The first sermon, in Delmar, was preached on Sept. 4, 1867, in the home of M. M. Hill. A plank church was built in 1868. The last sermon, in Mr. Hill’s home was preached on Jan. 26, 1868. The new church was dedicated on Feb. 16, 1868, by […]

Elsmere Church of Christ

“The Wilmington Church of Christ in Elsmere. This congregation was established in 1943, when services were started in the home of John W. Allen, Jr., at Edge Moor Gardens. After a tent revival held on Vandever Ave., Wilmington, a room was secured in the Odd Fellows’ Hall where church services were held. On Dec. 24, […]

North Baptist Church

“North Baptist Church is located on Lincoln St., near Delaware Ave. Philip McDowell had coopershops located on the present site of the State Armory. He made barrels for the flour millers located on the Brandywine Creek. A small village surrounded these shops and it was called McDowellville. Mr. McDowell built a small chapel on the […]

All Saint’s Presbyterian Episcopal Church

“All Saint’s P. E. Church at Rehoboth Beach was built in 1893. During the “summer of 1892, Episcopal services were held on the porch of the Hotel Henlopen. On July 11, 1892, Bishop Coleman conducted a morning service, an evening service and Sunday School in the afternoon. On Dec. 29, 1892, Bishop Leighton Coleman, who […]

Nazareth Methodist Church (M.E)

“Nazareth Methodist Church (M.E.) at New Castle. Captain Webb, a pensioned British officer, preached Methodism in New Castle about 1769. He preached in his uniform, his sword upon the pulpit and with a patch over his blind eye. Although the Court House was used for balls and all forms of amusements, its use was denied […]

Hughes’ Holiness Chapel

Hughes’ Holiness Chapel, located four and one-half miles beyond Hollandsville, was built in 1940. It is a frame building in a lovely grove and was originally built so that the sides could be thrown open in the summertime converting it into a tabernacle. The building will seat two hundred persons and all of the labor […]

Hillcrest Methodist Church

“Hillcrest Methodist Church (M.E.) A Methodist Society was formed at Hillcrest in 1909 and a temporary tabernacle was built. The site for a church was donated on Apr. 3, 1912, by Martin Beadenkopf. The ground was broken for a new church on Mar. 1, 1913, by Dist. Supt. E. L. Hoffecker and the Rev. Thomas […]

Slaughter Neck Methodist Church

“The history of this congregation can be traced to the early days of Methodism in this country. In 1777 a group of area residents gathered at the home of a “Mr. Shockely” to organize a local Methodist “Society.” While visiting in July 1779, Methodist pioneer Francis Asbury noted the rapid growth of the congregation and […]