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“Magee’s M. E. Chapel, Viola Methodist Church (M. E.). Magee’s Chapel, located at Magee’s Crossroads, two miles west of Viola was founded by the Rev. J. N. Magee. In 1857, he built a frame tabernacle which was dedicated by the Rev. J. S. Willis. In 1858, a substantial frame church was built. It was dedicated on Dec. 26, 1858, by the Rev. C. Hill and the Rev. J. S. Willis. This chapel was in use 25 years when it was decided that a church in Viola would be more convenient for the congregation.

A meeting was held in Viola on Sept. 9, 1883, at which time the M. E. Sunday School of Viola was organized. On Oct. 18, the M. E. Church of Viola was organized and trustees were elected. The first meeting of the trustees was held on Nov. 19, at which time officers were elected, one committee was appointed to look around for a church site and another committee was appointed to secure subscriptions for building a church. On June 18, 1884, a committee was appointed to investigate the advisability of moving Magee’s Chapel into Viola or of selling the chapel to best advantage.

It was decided to tear down the chapel and to use the lumber in building the Viola church. On Oct. 6, 1884, Mary A. Monson, of Connecticut, donated the land for the church site, for the nominal sum of $1.00. The deed stipulated that it was subject to cemetery rights for certain persons. This burial privilege has never been exercised. The church was completed and was dedicated on Mar. 8, 1885. On July 25, 1897, the new church bell was used for the first time. A wing was added to the building in 1916.” (1)

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1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 235.

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