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“Holly Oak Methodist Church (M.E.) On Jan. 2, 1916, a Sunday School was started in the home of Daniel Wilhelm at Holly Oak. Prayer meetings were also held. A house and lot were purchased by Mrs. Josephine L. Campbell and Miss Erna Wilhelm (Mrs. McClure), to be used as a church-house. It was dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1917 by the Rev. Robert Watt, Dist. Supt. and the pastor, the Rev. Hugh B. Kelso. Regular preaching services were inaugurated on Sun., May 5, 1918. On June 21, the Rev. Geo. W. Weldin presented a walnut collection plate and on June 28, Grace Church of Wilmington presented some pews. The church was organized on July 1, 1920, it was incorporated on July 2 and on July 15 the property was duly transferred to the trustees. An addition to the Sunday School building was dedicated on Nov. 13, 1927, by the Rev. J. W. Colona assisted by the Rev. J. E. Layton.

At the present time (1947) a movement is on foot to build a new church and a parsonage.” (1)

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1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 119

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