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“Concord Methodist Church (M.E.) at Concord was organized in 1804. On Aug. 24, 1804, Robert Boyce conveyed to a board of trustees one-half of an acre of land upon which a church had been built. The interior of the church was never plastered and, in 1841, it was torn down and rebuilt. In 1870, a new church was built and it was dedicated on Oct. 9, 1870. Those taking part in the services included the Revs. J. B. Merritt, Jacob Todd, J. O. Sypherd and J. B. Mann, the pastor. The church was incorporated on Nov. 22, 1872. A parsonage for the circuit was purchased on Pine St., in Seaford, on Dec. 23. 1896 from James H. Boyce.

The church was remodeled, after which a reopening service was held on Sept. 12, 1937, by Dist. Supt. E. C. Hallman and the Rev. Louis Dennis, the pastor. The church bell hangs at the rear of the church on a framework of galvanized pipe. This is the only arrangement of this kind that the writer has seen in Delaware. There is a large graveyard, the tombstones dating back to 1862. In August of each year a home-coming is held here and many sons and daughters of Concord return for a visit.” (1)

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Text Source:

1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 328 & 330.

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