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Slaughter Neck United Methodist Church

SC-115: The history of this congregation can be traced to the early days of Methodism in this country. In 1777 a group of area residents gathered at the home of a “Mr. Shockley” to organize a local Methodist “Society.” While visiting in July 1779, Methodist pioneer Francis Asbury noted the rapid growth of the congregation […]

Zion African Methodist Episcopal

KC-110: The roots of this congregation can be traced to 1845, when a group of local residents met to formally organize Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. With several churches established in the area by free African Americans during the mid-19th century, the town of Camden became an important stop on the Underground Railroad. Trustees of […]

Murderkill / Motherkiln Friends Meeting

KC-090: By 1712, Quakers of the Religious Society of Friends met “at the widow Needham’s at Murderkill Creek,” later establishing as Motherkiln Preparative Meeting. Circa 1760, a meetinghouse was constructed on this site. The structure burned soon thereafter, and for a time the Friends debated locating to a site near Tidbury Creek. A brick meetinghouse […]

Site of Milford’s First Methodist Church

KC-65: The beginning of Methodism in this community can be traced to the organization of a local “society” in 1777. Early meetings were held in the homes of its members. On December 3, 1787, Joseph Oliver conveyed a lot of ground at this location for the purpose of “building a preaching house or church” for […]