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By 1712, Quakers of the Religious Society of Friends met “at the widow Needham’s at Murderkill Creek,” later establishing as Motherkiln Preparative Meeting. Circa 1760, a meetinghouse was constructed on this site. The structure burned soon thereafter, and for a time the Friends debated locating to a site near Tidbury Creek. A brick meetinghouse was built here, but by 1814 members were considering relocation to Camden, where a preparative meeting had been established in 1805. By 1828, worship at this site had ceased, and in 1839 the Motherkiln and Duck Creek meetings combined with the Camden Preparative Meeting, forming Camden Monthly Meeting of Friends.

Installed in 2005. Reinstalled in 2022.


The Honorable Margaret Rose Henry, Delaware Senate, 2005

The State of Delaware Historical Markers Program, 2022

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5165 S. State Street, Magnolia, DE 19962


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