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“St. Paul’s P. E. Chapel in Camden. The effort to organize this church was started on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 1868. The meetings were held in Sarde’s Hall. It was organized as a mission of Christ Church, in Dover, on July 17, 1868. A church site was secured in 1890 and the chapel was built in 1891.


In 1895-96 a window in memory of the Rev. Lewis W. Gibson was unveiled. A new organ was installed in 1906-07. Three memorial windows were unveiled in 1907-08 and additional land was purchased. In 1908-09 chandeliers and chancel lights were presented by Mrs. Caulk of Milford. The church was renovated and the parish-house was built in 1913. On Dec. 7, 1913, the church was consecrated and the parish-house was dedicated by Bishop Frederick J. Kinsman. A new pulpit was installed and it was blessed by Bishop Kinsman on Dec. 13, 1914. In 1922-23, a chancel window in memory of Mrs. Julia Lord was unveiled. A credence shelf was installed in 1927.


Beginning in 1890 services were conducted in Wyoming for a short time.” (1)



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Text Source:

1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 224.

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