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“Ott’s Chapel is located, at the base of Chestnut Hill, three and one-half miles n. w. of Glasgow. It was built by Elder Stephen Ott in 1871. Mr. Ott was a Methodist but at the end of the Civil War he became a member of the Christian Church. He conducted services in his home for years and then, with the help of some of his neighbors, he built the chapel. He conducted Sunday School and preaching services until his death on July 22, 1875. His wife, Jane, then continued the services until her death. The chapel has always been undenominational, and meetings are held regularly with different persons in charge. The property is in the hands of a board of trustees who maintain the chapel and the graveyard in excellent condition.” (1)


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Text Source:

1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 160.

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