There are 16 online lesson plans for the High School kit. The kit provides materials from the mid-nineteenth century to the time of the Vietnam War. To use this program you must have a set a document boxes from the Delaware Public Archives.  If your school does not have a kit, please contact Tom Summers. Kits can not be issued to individuals. Each set of documents is contained in a separate, labeled folder in one of the three boxes in the kit. Other documents are included in the Image Gallery online and can be saved to your computer as individual jpegs (for projection in a slideshow) or as a complete PDF (for printing). To locate the document you wish to use, simply find the folder(s) or online document that has the same letter and identifier found in the lesson plan. In most cases, there will be one or two documents for each lesson. Some of these documents will be a challenge to read for both the student and the teacher. However, transcriptions are provided so the instructor will be able to lead the students through the document. A list of the plans and a brief summary of their content are found in the next part of this introductory section. Each lesson plan includes procedures, background information, and transcriptions of the documents. Please note that the transcriptions include the original spelling of the words in the documents. These plans may be presented as written or they can serve as a springboard to stimulate more ideas for the classroom. For the reissue of the high school kit, the lesson plans were written by Lisa Prueter, Social Studies Specialist at the Appoquinimink School District and co-chair of the Social Studies Coalition of Delaware. The lessons are written to complement the Delaware Recommended Curriculum.

High School Lesson Plans