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KC-104: Originally Installed in 2007.

Organized on December 9, 1877, the Felton Methodist Protestant Church originally held services for several years in the Knights of Pythias Hall. In 1880, a parcel of land on High Street was deeded to the church trustees by Job Butterworth and his wife Elizabeth for the purpose of constructing a new church. The building was moved to this location in 1907. It continued to function as a house of worship until 1931 when it was abandoned and offered to the Methodist Episcopal Conference. In the following years, the structure was renovated several times and served as both a community center and a funeral home. The Felton Church of God purchased the property in 1962 and conducted services here until it was sold to the Rescue House of Prayer, Temple of Deliverance in 1991. While the building is listed as part of the Felton Historic District in the National Historic Register, it continues to serve the spiritual needs of the community.

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