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Apprentice Indentures

The Apprentice Indentures index is the manuscript record of minors or other individuals being apprenticed to another individual.

Bible Records

This is the index to Bible records collected by the Archives to supplement the government’s vital statistic records.

Broadsides, Prints, and Posters

Church Records

This index contains Church Records ca. 1660-2008.
This collection of records (originals and copies) of churches and other related religious organizations includes daily records, births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, minutes, financial records, and church histories. Contains William E. Weldon books with records of deaths and marriages from 1771 to 1909.

Civil List

This guide is now located in the Guides section of our Digital Archives page!

Coroner’s Inquests

The Coroner’s Inquests index contains the reports of investigations into the causes of deaths occurring in suspicious or unusual circumstances.

Delaware Sons of The American Revolution Collection

This is the index to the applications for membership in the Delaware Society of Sons of the American Revolution from 1890-1976.

Delaware State Legislature Votes for US Senators

This list contains the roll call votes collected from Delaware’s Senate and House journals between 1869 and 1913. The creation of this list is part of the Senate Elections Data Project 1871-1913, which is hosted digitally by Brown University Library.

Enrolled Bills

The Enrolled Bills database represents a partial index to the legislation passed by the General Assembly from 1776-1911.

Executive Papers

This list briefly describes the contents of the Executive Papers series (1776-1900). The records chronicle the activities of Delaware’s chief executive and appointed and elected cabinet-level officials. The material is arranged chronologically by year and then by subject, e.g., military, bonds, and petitions.

Florence Lewis Collection

This index is to land records and genealogical records around the Milford area.

General Pamphlet Collection

This is the index to non-state or local governmental publications, including pamphlets, brochures, booklets, magazines, and similar published material which contains information on Delaware.

General Reference Collection

This is a convenience collection of informational and reference materials collected by or deposited with this agency concerning any topic or person useful for the interpretation of Delaware’s history.

Governor’s Appointments Collection

The Governor Appointments database was created to allow access to appointments made by and resignations accepted by the Governor. Original appointment and resignation letters become a part of the official Governor’s Register.

Governors’ Executive Orders

The Delaware Public Archives is proud to present the complete collection of executive orders issued by the Governors of Delaware. From the first executive order signed by Governor McMullen in 1939 to the most recent by Governor Carney.

Governor’s Papers

This is the index to the folder list for the papers of the Governors of Delaware.

Joint Sunset Committee Records

This is the index to the reports from the Joint Sunset Committee responsible for reviewing site boards and commissions to determine their usefulness from 1981-1986.

Joseph Brown Turner Index

This is the index to Reverend Turner’s collection of genealogical notes and correspondence concerning three thousand Delmarva Peninsula families.

Manuscript Genealogies

This is a collection of private papers collected and donated to the Archive relating to a variety of aspects of Delaware history and life.

Naturalization Records

This index covers naturalization records for selected records series for the Court of Common Pleas and the Superior Court in all three counties.

Newspapers on Film

This is the index for our Newspapers that are available on film.

Orphans’ Court

Orphans’ Court Records

Pauper Records

This is the index for our Pauper Books.

Private Accounts

This is the collection of Private Accounts.


This is the index for Probate records.

Row Collection

This database is to the research notes, newspaper clippings, publications, and copies of documents compiled by Jean and Howard Row.

State Deeds

This is the checklist for State Deed Records.

State Reports Collection

This is the checklist for reports that have been generated by state agencies.

Tract Names – DE and PA

The DE and PA Tract Names table is now located in the Guides section of our Digital Archives page as the Guide to Delaware and Pennsylvania Tract Names in Maryland Patent Records (1672-1792).

Tract Names – Kent County Survey Book A

This is the Tract Names index for Kent County Survey Book A.