Date Posted: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Have you ever been riding on I95 and wondered what it took to build it, how long it took, or how it has changed over the years? Did you know that John F. Kennedy himself came to the dedication?  In fact it was one of his last public appearances before he was assassinated.

 Well that’s exactly what happened the other day.  A gentleman came in to see if we had any information about the Delaware Turnpike.  He was heading to the beach  and remembered the excitement of the turnpike opening and taking a family trip to ride on it.

 He couldn’t believe all the information we had.  We have the scrapbooks that DELDOT made from construction in 1963 up to 1988.  We also have reports, photographs, field engineers books, construction plans, correspondence, and video to name just a few of the records we have.

 To view the Delaware Turnpike scrapbooks, visit our digital archives.


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