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Celebrating the History of the Delaware Department of Transportation

In 2019, the Delaware Department of Transportation marks 102 years of service to the residents of Delaware and all who travel throughout the First State. On Saturday, April 6, at 10:30 a.m. Jennifer Cohan, Secretary of Delaware Department of Transportation will present a program at the Delaware Public Archives focusing on the history of this […]

Now That’s A Pot Hole!!

I’m sure you’ve been reading in the papers about all the problems with some of the roads in Delaware.  We had a guy come in to see if we had any documents relating to the maintenance of roads. Seems he had just come from the garage after needing new shocks.  He said it was because […]

I 95

Have you ever been riding on I95 and wondered what it took to build it, how long it took, or how it has changed over the years? Did you know that John F. Kennedy himself came to the dedication?  In fact it was one of his last public appearances before he was assassinated.  Well that’s exactly […]