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Small Manuscript Collections, Sackett Family, Portraits

The Sacketts were a farming family from the Milton area. Their home was located on Route 30. Lillian Pearl Sackett was the daughter of Arthur Sackett (1882-1969) and Pearl Hiner Sackett (1891-1960). Her grandfather was Charles H. Sackett (1848-1928), and her grandmother was Louisa Eveline Miles Sackett (1845-1925). In addition to Arthur, Charles and Louisa […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Martin Severe Collection, First State Covers

Martin Lee Severe is a collector of First Day Covers who has donated to many archives and other programs. He is from Maryland. A collection of first-day covers celebrating different points in Delaware’s history. The collection’s largest focus is the discovery and founding of New Sweden. Several covers feature maps and illustrations of what the […]

Small Manuscript Collections, Duncan Collection

Sailing Along The Mispillion

We typically do not collect private papers, but we do have some.  One of the collections of private papers we have in our Small Manuscript Collection is the Florence Lewis Papers.  There are several series within this collection, from newspapers to genealogical research notes. But the one I want to talk about today is the […]