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25th Annual FODA Meeting

At their 25th annual meeting on May 9, 2023, the Friends of the Delaware Public Archives (FODA) presented Stephen Marz, State Archivist and Director of the Public Archives a financial gift of $2,000 to assist in the digitization costs of several thousand historic acetate and nitrate film negatives. “Digitizing these fragile negatives not only ensures […]

Friends of the Delaware Archives

The Friends of the Delaware Archives, (F.O.D.A.) was formed in 1995 as a private, non-profit organization to support the Delaware Public Archives.  What does The Friends of the Delaware Archives do?   F.O.D.A. provides citizens with a collective voice for preserving records F.O.D.A. works to ensure appropriate access to these archival records F.O.D.A. solicits donations to […]