The Mabel Lloyd Ridgely Research Room is open to the public from 9:00a to 4:00p, M-F.

Researchers who wish to perform research on-site may make an appointment by calling (302) 744-5000 or emailing

Appointments are strongly encouraged. Benefits include:

  • an interview with an archivist to pin point exact collections that may assist in your research, a reserved workspace,
  • a guarantee for a microfilm reader,
  • and most importantly an assurance that any records you want pulled in advanced will be waiting for you upon your arrival to maximize research time.

Please note:

  • To request an appointment please call (302) 744-5000 or email
  • The Delaware Public Archives currently is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and State Holidays.

Walk-ins are welcome during hours of operation.

Finding Aids

You can now search 400,000+ records, across 19 popular collections using the Collection Gateway. Once you find a record you can request a price quote for an original or print a detail sheet for quick retrieval for your next visit to the Research Room.
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Delaware Library Catalog (Books and Publications)

Books, published volumes, and periodicals in the holdings of the Delaware Public Archives are now indexed in the Delaware Library Catalog. This online resource allows users to search through the collections of many different Delaware libraries and research facilities at once.
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Heritage Commission Book List 

This is a list of the Heritage Commission Books that are also available for sale at the Delaware Public Archives Research Room. The Commission publishes books under the Delaware Heritage Press. If you would like to purchase a book by phone please call 302-744-5000. These books are on display in the lobby of the Delaware Public Archives building and are available for purchase with cash, check, or credit card in the Research Room.
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Rules and Regulations

The Delaware Public Archives (DPA) prohibits researchers from carrying boxes, briefcases, satchels, valises, purses or other containers into the Research Room. Researchers who have these items will use the storage lockers located in the entrance hall of the Research Room.
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