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Research Favorites

Online Guide to the Collections – You can now search over 4500 Finding Aids by keyword.

Collection Gateway – You can now search 400,000+ records, across 19 popular collections using the Collection Gateway. Once you find a record you can request a price quote for an original or print a detail sheet for quick retrieval for your next visit to the Research Room.

Notable Accessions – The Delaware Public Archives receives new accessions regularly. These pages highlight some of the more interesting items that have arrived in recent years. You can view samples of the accessioned items here.

Delaware Library Catalog (Books and Publications) – The books, published volumes, and periodicals in the holdings of the Delaware Public Archives (DPA) are now indexed in the Delaware Library Catalog. This online resource allows users to search through the collections of many different Delaware libraries and research facilities at once.

Related Finding Aids

Agency Histories – This guide provides historical and background information on each agency of Delaware Government. Knowing the functions and jurisdictions of each organization is useful in determining the research value of the records each agency creates. This guide also functions as a good resource for locating keywords for input in the Online Guide To The Collections.

Guide To Census Records – Delaware’s United States census material offers a wealth of information to a researcher. Genealogists find census particularly useful for tracing family lines or histories in the state. Historians find them useful for local history information. Social scientists find them useful for demographics, ethnic studies, etc

Guide to Records of the Delaware State Legislature – This guide, indicating and describing the scope of the Legislative holdings at the Delaware Public Archives, will assist the researcher in finding legislative materials

Guide To Revolutionary War Records – This guide, indicating and describing the scope of the Revolutionary War holdings at the Delaware Public Archives, will assist the researcher in finding both original and secondary source material.

Guide to Civil War Records – These records contain a wide variety of individual documents.

Guide to World War I Records – This guide highlights the collections in the Delaware Public Archives that contain records pertaining to World War I.

World War II Finding Aid – This finding aid highlights the collections at the Delaware Public Archives that contain records relating to World War II.

Guide To Vital Statistics Records (Births, Marriages, and Deaths) – The Delaware Public Archives provides many valuable resources for researching vital statistics records. Without such information, a person may not be able to locate a birth certificate to obtain a passport or fill in that last missing link in his or her family tree.


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