“Antioch A. M. E. Church is located one-half mile north of Frankford. It was established in 1856 when the old church of the Antioch Methodist, white congregation, was purchased and occupied. They took title to the property on Aug. 4, 1857, upon payment of $70.00. On Feb. 28, 1890, one acre of land, forming the present church site, was purchased from Millard F. Murray and a new church was built. The old church was sold and moved to a site on the Highway below Frankford where it is now used as a dwelling. There is a large campmeeting ground beside the church where enthusiastic annual meetings are held. Electric lighting has replaced the old fire-stands. On Sun. morning, Aug. 15, 1943, fire of undetermined origin broke out in one of the cottages. Whipped by a high wind, the fire spread to other cottages and to the church. In spite of the efforts of six fire companies the church and ten cottages were completely destroyed.

A new building was erected and was occupied in the early summer of 1946. The corner-stone was laid on July 26, 1946 by the Rev. G. M. Purnell, the pastor. The church was dedicated in the fall of 1946.” (1)


Text Source:

1. Frank R. Zebley, The Churches of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, 1947, p. 302.