Governor Boggs

Executive Orders issued by J. Caleb Boggs during his two terms as Governor of Delaware from January 20, 1953 – December 30, 1960.

Providing for the Participation by State Employees in Civil Defense Pre-Emergency Training Programs
July 8, 1954

Delaware National Guard Promotions
September 19, 1955

To Correct the Omission and to Clarify the Proper Use of the State Flag and the Governor’s Flag
December 7, 1955

Establishing the Natural Resources Council of the State of Delaware
April 5, 1956

Appointing Frank L. Speakman to be Judge ad litem of the Superior Court of the State of Delaware
October 10, 1956

Authorizing executive heads of all state departments, commissions and agencies to give holiday leaves to state employees under their respective jurisdictions on Monday, December 24, 1956, and/or Monday, December 31, 1956.
November 20, 1956

Awarding The Conspicuous Service Cross of the State of Delaware to Major General Joseph J. Scannell
July 16, 1956