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The following titles from our Heritage collection are now available as eBooks in PDF format. The PDF format can be used on any device that has PDF reading capabilities. This includes PCs, MACs, and many mobile devices. The PDF format is used when the presentation of the content is as important as the content itself.

NOTE TO KINDLE FIRE OWNERS: You may need to download the file first, then sync it with your computer.


African American Education in Delaware – A History Through Photographs: 1865-1930
by: Bradley Skelcher, Ph.D. 
PDF 7.3 MB

Beneath Thy Guiding Hand: A History of Women at the University of Delaware
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

Brandywine Village
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

Captain Thomas Macdonough: Delaware Born Hero of the Battle of Lake Champlain
by: Virgina Mason Burdick 
PDF 1.1 MB

Ceasar Rodney Patriot: Delaware’s Hero For All Times and All Seasons
by: William P. Frank 
PDF 2.6 MB

The Churches of Delaware
by: Frank Zebley 

Corporate Capital Wilmington in the Twentieth Century
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

Delaware: A Bicentennial History
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

Delaware Archives – Military
by: Delaware Public Archives

Volume I PDF 29 MB

Volume II PDF 19 MB

Volume III PDF 27 MB

Volume IV PDF 29 MB 

Volume V PDF 32 MB

Delaware During the Civil War – A Political History
by: Harold Bell Hancock 
PDF 2.34 MB

Delaware School District Organization and Boundaries [1974]
by: Roger C. Mowrey 
Part 1 PDF 14 MB

Part 2 PDF 14 MB

Part 3 PDF 12 MB

Delaware, The First State
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 
PDF 4.71 MB

Delaware Tercentenary Documents
1938 Delaware Tercentenary Official Program
PDF 31.5 KB
The First State In the Union
by: George H. Ryden 
PDF 2.8 MB
Delaware Tercentenary Almanack & Historical Repository 
by: Christopher L. Ward 
PDF 31.5 KB

Democracy in Delaware: The Story of the First State’s General Assembly
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

The Dutch & Swedes on the Delaware 1609-64
by: Christopher Ward 
PDF 1.53 MB

East of the Mason-Dixon Line: A History of the Delaware Boundaries
by: Roger E. Nathan 
PDF 4.17 MB

Familiar Relations: The duPonts and the University of Delaware
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 
PDF 25.1 MB

Federal Justice in the Frist State: A History of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 
PDF 21.1 MB

A History of African Americans of Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore
by: Carol C. Marks, Editor 
PDF 5.33 MB

The History of Sussex County
by: Dick Carter 

Historic Houses and Buildings of Delaware
by: Harold Donaldson Everlein and Cortlandt V.D. Hubbard 
PDF 75.3 MB

Honest John Williams: U.S. Senator from Delaware
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 
PDF 3.08 MB

House Research Guide
by: New Castle County Department of Planning – Historic Preservation Section 
PDF 768 KB

In Our Midst: Delaware Vignettes in Pictures and Prose
by: Roger Martin 
PDF 18.7 MB

The Journals of the Reverend Lewis Wheeler Wells, Rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and the Photograph Album of Leila Parker Burton Harthack of Millsboro, Delaware
by: Richard B. Carter 

Laws of Delaware
Compiled by the Delaware General Assembly 
Listing of all Books

Man and Nature in Delaware: An Environmental History of the First State
by: William H. Williams 
PDF 3.51 MB

A Photographic Survey of Indian River Community
by: A Compilation of the Nanticoke Indian Heritage Project 

Swedes on the Delaware: 1638-1664
by: Amandus Johnson, Ph. D. 
PDF 4.36 MB

Troubled in Mind: J. Saunders Redding’s Early Years in Wilmington, Delaware
by: J. Saunders Redding 
PDF 830 KB

Wilmington: A Pictorial History
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 

Wilmington, Delaware: Portrait of an Industrial City, 1830-1910
by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker 
PDF 4.75 MB

World War II Memorial Volume
by: Public Archives Commission 

WPA Church Records Index

Ye Town of St. Georges: Buildings and Homes
by: Gladys B. Lester  
Volume I – The Nuttal-Sutton Home
PDF 3.62 MB
Volume II – The Steamboat Hotel
PDF 11.2 MB
Volume III – Wm. Goforths’s Three Acre Plot
PDF 6.84 MB
Volume IV – Jubart “1744” Plot Plan
PDF 41.1 MB
Volume V – “Mill Sand” Below Delaware Street
PDF 38.9 MB

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