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The State Library Commission was established by the General Assembly in 1901. Its nine qubernatorially appointed members served five-year term and were tasked with the general supervision of all libraries in the State.1 Additionally, the Commission was to establish a sufficient number of new libraries to meet the needs of all Delawareans, to draft rules and regulations controlling the circulation procedures in the new libraries, and to issue warrants to the Treasurer for library funding.2
The Commission selected all of its own officers except for its secretary. The State Librarian served in the capacity but was not allowed to vote or voice opinions during meetings.3 . In 1951 a reorganization of the Library Commission occurred. The secretary of the Commission, still allowed no vote or voice at meetings, was no longer the State Librarian but simply a qualified librarian.4 The Commission continued to operate within the same framework as before. In 1956, the Congress of the United States passed the Library Services Act (70 Stat. 293) which authorized the distribution of federal funds to the States for the expansion of designated as the recipient of such funds. Accordingly, it was responsible for establishing a plan to administer the monies received in an efficient manner.5
In 1970, as part of the reorganization of the State government, the State Library Commission was abolished, its functions and responsibilities assumed by the Division of Libraries within the Department of Community Affairs.6 Currently, the Division’s major responsibilities include “the coordination of Statewide library services and materials, assistance in the development of personnel services, programs and planning, promotion of cooperation among all types of libraries, and the administration of the federal Library Services and Construction Act Program.7

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